Development of Medical Guidelines


Care Beyond Diagnosis has recognized an opportunity within the rare disease community to develop internationally recognized medical guidelines for rare diseases. While in the developed world, there are agencies to assist in the coverage of treatment and aid for patients with a rare disease, in the rest of the world, these patients may be left without coverage and financial support. 

Clinical Guidelines are developed through consensus of “experts” in a specific area of interest. Experts are professionals whom have been selected and accepted the role as a panelist in the consensus program. 

Many of the rare diseases recognized today have a set of management guidelines, although, none of which are internationally accredited by a governing organization such as the National Guideline’s Clearinghouse. 

It is our goal to take the development of Medical Guidelines on in an effort to strengthen the reimbursement and dissemination of the published guidelines.

Clinical Guidelines require a very rigorous development process in order to validate and accredit the information within. CBD will adhere to the criteria set forth by an independent agency which assesses the completed guidelines in order to proactively implement the required practical tasks and processes involved.