Our Board

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Rebecca Southall


Rebecca Southall is the Clinical Director of a therapy and training provider in the midlands of England, where her roles are as a specialist psychological therapist, supervisor, lecturer, researcher and author. Rebecca undertook pre-clinical medical training at Leeds University from 1995-1997 and in 2001, she became the first ever graduate of the MSc in Health Technology Assessment at the University of Birmingham and worked there writing for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Cochrane reviews. In addition, she has just submitted her doctorate in Education at the University of Manchester, where she is researching the benefits of using Virtual Learning Environments, Apps and E-therapy as a psycho-educational adjunct to face-to-face therapy. 

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Dele Oyebande

Vice Chair

Dele has over 25 years experience of providing solutions based around ERP (Enterprise, Resource and Planning) systems to businesses all over the world. He also serves on the boards of a number of other non-profits usually in a financial role. He retains a keen interest in Christian education and serves on the board of governors of a Christian school. Dele holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester.

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Melody Hendriksz


Melody is a Specialist Biomedical Scientist based at the Haematological Malignancies Diagnostic services (HMDS) laboratory in Leeds England. In her role at HMDS she is involved in the flow cytometry aspects of diagnosis and monitoring of patients. Prior to this, she worked as a Senior Biomedical scientist in the Immunology department at Central Manchester University Hospital. She completed a BSc in Applied Biomedical sciences at Liverpool John Moores University and a master’s in human Immunity at the University of Liverpool. She has a passion for science and is currently undertaking training in Medical communications.

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Justin marks

Justin Marks is a director of a large Architecture and Interior Design practice in Manchester England. Having graduated in architecture in 1995 he began working in the commercial sector and quickly established himself with a reputation for working closely and effectively with clients on large scale projects such as hotels, airports and shopping centres.  Justin studied at the Manchester School of Architecture, gaining two degrees and completed his professional studies at the North West RIBA in 2000.

Outside of the work environment Justin is also a vocational pastor at a large Pentecostal church in Salford England. He is involved in many aspects of church life from children’s work and marriage preparation through to pastoral care and managing the physical ‘building’ projects which a growing church embarks on

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Sierra Myrick

Born and raised in Santa Rose beach FL, Sierra went on to gradate from Keiser University in Tallahassee as a Registered Radiographer Sierra before moving to Nashville TN where she is currently the Radiologic Technologist for Hughston Clinic Orthopedics. She has 5 years of onsite experience in the medical field, including managerial positions. After getting married in 2017, Sierra and her husband have recently purchased a home in Nashville, establishing their roots in The South