Our Team


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Jeffrey Donohue

Co - Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Donohue is the Co-Ceo of Care Beyond Diagnosis alongside his wife, Yanique Donohue. Jeff is from Central New York and has a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations from the State University of New York at Oswego. 

Jeff brings to the team a combined mix of management and business development and is currently project lead on CBD’s guidelines project. Before being apart of CBD fulltime, Jeff worked as a district manager for a fortune 500, Consumer Packaged Goods company and then transition to a National Account Manager role for an Italian Ceramics Manufacturer. Jeff is driven by a calling to provide hope and support for children throughout the world, suffering from a Rare Disorder. 

Jeff and Yanique have a son and a daughter. As a family, they enjoy travelling to see family, outdoor adventures, watching sports and all things water-related.

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Yanique donohue

Co - Chief Executive Officer

Founder of Care Beyond Diagnosis and Co-CEO, Yanique Donohue, has a background in Medical Procurement with the NHS in the UK and after coming to the United States in 2015, she worked as a billing and insurance coordinator for a medical office in Tennessee. In 2016 she received her medical writing accreditation from the University of Tennessee. 

Yanique and her husband Jeff currently live in Nashville, Tennessee. Yanique has a thirst for adventure, loves to travel with her family.

Yanique is incredibly passionate and dedicated about providing real, life-altering support and aid to patients and their families. 

Yanique’s first-hand experience in the rare disease community steer our organization’s projects and outreach efforts.

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Weronika wojtowicz

Director of Patient Advocacy and Medical Communications

Weronika has a Master's degree in Psychology and a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy from the Jagiellonian University (Poland) and she is also alumni of the Warsaw University (Poland) and of the Lisbon University (Portugal). She brings to the team experience from rare genetic disease area due to her previous work at  global headquarters of biotech company Shire (Switzerland) where she was supporting  Global Medical Affairs team as a psychologist. Weronika was working on predictive factors of neuronopathic disease in MPSII, neurodevelopmental assessment and on brain plasticity in children. Currently she does her postgraduate studies in  Psychotherapy Process Oriented and she works as a Medical Writer and works onCLN2 guidelines. She will be the traveling representation of CBD at events around the world.

She is addicted to traveling (mainly to unpopular destinations),  she loves vegetarian cooking, reading books and practicing yoga. She is also fascinated by neuropsychology. Weronika is always open to new challenges and unconventional ideas.