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Co-Founder of Care Beyond Diagnosis, Yanique Donohue, was introduced to the Rare Disease world in a way very similar to most families in this community -- a family member becoming a patient. This moment greatly impacted their family's journey in life and had catapulted the Hendriksz' family into this area of study. 

While their family's medical struggles led them to the UK from South Africa in 1996, many families around the world do not have the ability to seek treatment outside of their community. 

Yanique and her husband Jeffrey established Care Beyond Diagnosis in 2016 in order to bring new hope for patients in the developing world after a diagnosis of a rare disease. 

We believe that every individual diagnosed with a rare disorder has the right to first class care and support, regardless of location or economic status.

We understand that there are many social, physiological, and economical needs that factor in to the well-being of an individual with a rare disorder. We strive to meet the needs beyond medical diagnosis and medical treatment through tailored support programs.